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QMx Batman: Limited Edition Family Q-Master Diorama

Dhs. 1,250.00

Batman, the ultimate loner, is paradoxically all about family. Despite his protests to the contrary, he is forever building family around him.

This QMx Diorama encompasses the entire history of Batman's relationships in crime fighting, including all his proteges:

  • Right Shoulder: Damian Wayne (Robin); Jason Todd (Red Hood); and Dick Grayson (Nightwing);
  • Left Shoulder: Tim Drake (Red Robin);
  • Left Arm: Barbara Gordon (Batgirl).
  1. First in the series of large format dioramas called “Q-Master"
  2. Limited Edition
  3. Size: 18"x4.5"x15.5"
  4. Material: Everstone(TM): proprietary high-temperature poly-resin developed by QMx.
  5. Great durability, precise detail and solid weight that resists fading and fracture.
  6. 100% Officially Licensed Warner Bros merchandise.
  7. Comes with Authentication Certificate.